Why Israel and Zionism are a Partial Success

20 March 2014

By Yisrael Ne'eman.

As mentioned in my previous article anyone advocating Israeli annexation or any other form of full legal responsibility for the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and its Arab population are playing with fire by undermining the Jewish majority and democratic principles upon which the State of Israel rests. read more

The Great Demography Debate

25 February 2014

By Yisrael Ne'eman.

Whenever there are serious discussions concerning conflict resolution between Israel and the Palestinians the Israeli/Jewish side of the table suddenly finds itself confronting the ten year old debate over how many Palestinians really do live in the West Bank. read more

The Iranian Power Play

25 February 2014

By Yisrael Ne'eman.

Today Iran is fighting a two and a half front war in a power play for Middle Eastern hegemony. The chances for victory are quite good. read more


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Elliot Chodoff and Yisrael Ne'eman founded Hamartzim Educational Services in 1989, providing seminar, lecture and guiding services throughout Israel. Both have many years of experience teaching and analyzing the Mideast "situation" and presenting it in a comprehensible fashion to the novice and veteran alike.

Elliot Chodoff
is a political and military analyst specializing in the Middle East conflict and the global war on terrorists. read more.   

Yisrael Ne’eman is an historian and political analyst focusing on the development of the Israeli State, its ideologies and policies both in the past and in real time. read more

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